The Maestro - Adrian Younge


What does it look like to have the sound of a live concert as well as the authenticity and grit of classic soul music (like that made in the late 1960s to early 1970s) all in one? Euphoria!  Adrian Younge brings this as a renowned producer, who prides himself in having no limitations (as a musician, composer, conductor, DJ, recording engineer and attorney), with cinematic works like Black Dynamite, and the most recent release, The Midnight Hour. While he embraces his genius of being a self-sufficient educated artist, he values what can be created through amazing relationships like the strong ongoing collaboration that he shares with Tribe Called Quest’s, Ali Shaheed Mohammad. September Set was honored to sit down with Adrian, as he tours the US for The Midnight Hour, to discuss it all (the album, music today, as well as his goals and aspirations for himself and his music alike). 

Unabashedly confident and hilarious at the same time, Adrian illustrates his ability to teach and inspire as he shares his journey, which began with a conversation sparked by Hip Hop but ended up taking him further. Going back to the past to move forward became an essential concept for Adrian, when creating music. Providing the feeling involved while listening to his favorite music is important to him. He loves creating music that induces depth, sophistication and innovation. Ultimately, facilitating a full experience with music that allows listeners the ability to paint pictures in their minds.

While describing his gift for creating cinematic music, Adrian speaks to the value of “kicking it with people who are doing sh**t”. He appreciates working with those who are inspiring and share the priority of working hard at being better. Unquestionably, values that he shares with Ali Shaheed Mohammad of A Tribe Called Quest. Together, they prove to be the perfect team as they produce musical experiences that expand the world for listeners.  This is evident in work they produced together like the soundtrack of Marvel’s Luke Cage which intensifies the action that viewers experience on screen, as well as, their latest release, The Midnight Hour which takes its listeners on a musical journey that is truly unique and special in this age of synthesized music. Adrian and Ali push boundaries producing art that creates a world full of soul and sophistication with complex scores full of live instrumentation. An exhilarating journey that concert goers witness first hand on their current tour.

In what begins with relationships among artists involving great vibes as they create, results in music that encompasses positive energy that is exceptional and intoxicating. Ultimately, highlighting a very important component that connects people, feeling. This allows the duo to share not only a musical experience but also a human experience. All of which are ingredients for great soul music. Needless to say, The Midnight Hour is a gem. We are beyond grateful to witness such a gift and carry it with us along on our own journeys, to be reminded that working toward our greatest selves and valuing positive relationships will result in the very best. Cheers to Adrian Younge, who undoubtedly has many more masterpieces to come.