Attention is in the Details - Nail Art by Kimi

Kimi’s creation inspired by renowned Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama

Kimi’s creation inspired by renowned Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama

Kimi Miyashita is a nail artist. What is a nail artist, you ask? Someone creating wearable art based on their imagination and skills. When I first started patronizing the Japanese nail salon, Sakura Nail and Spa in New York CIty, I was amazed at the art that was being produced by the women who did my nails, but Kimi stood out. Her designs were not only innovative, they were precise. It’s hard to describe which is why in this profile of her work, we have included the pictures to show you just how amazing she is!

September Set wanted to know everything, from how Kimi was trained to what she plans next for her nail business, now that she lives in Australia, being the global citizen that she is. But don’t worry, if you live in the DC area or NYC, nail art is within your reach and Kimi’s designs can inspire your next trip to your local nail artist.

SS: Kimi, tell us how you got started in nail art and if you received formal training in your native Japan?

Kimi: I went to nail school for about 6 months in Japan. I learned everything about nails from basic to advanced design. After finishing school, I just kept practicing for three years, almost every day.  

SS: It shows in your work that you have become a master. Tell us a bit about the nail culture in Japan.

Kimi: In Japan, when you go to a nail salon, it means that you are going to get a nail design. People rarely get just a solid color at a nail salon because they could do that themselves.

SS: This explains the innovative designs coming out of Japan that we see when we patronize nail salons like Sakura Nail and Spa in New York City.

Tell us about Calgel and how it works well for your nails while allowing customers to keep their nails looking like new for 2-3 weeks.

 Kimi: Calgel is a Japanese product and very gentle nail system. You need to take a class get certified to use Calgel. Without a certificate, you are not able to buy Calgel products If you don’t have the certificate, you will not be able to buy Calgel products which are now produced in the US, outside of Japan. 

In using Calgel, you only need a little buffer for the surface of the natural nail. It doesn’t produce the damage to the nails surface from excess filling or buffing which normally is done when you get other gels or acrylic. Calgel is also safely and easily removed, in comparison to products like acrylic. 

SS: Many times when I came to you to have my nails done, I didn’t have an idea of what I wanted but you gave me eyepopping nails! How do you approach creating a nail design for your clients, new and old?

Kimi: I just do what I like. After I talk to my client, I get the image first and then I just try it. So, if I have known the client for a long time, I can get the image easily and the process is really fun. It is little bit hard, when I do someone’s nails for the first time, but still fun to create something new. 

SS: What would you say to those who want to stick with a color trend for a particular season, like darker colors for the winter and lighter colors for the warmer months?

Kimi: I always don’t have recommendations when I do nails. I think you should get whatever you like no matter the season or trend. The important thing is that the designs and colors make you happy!

SS: Well said and very true! What’s the nail scene like in Australia?

Kimi: I think people aren’t aware of cool nail art yet in Australia or it may be because I don’t live in a big city right now, but many people go to get their nails done and just get a solid color, like many do in the US. It was like that about ten years ago in NYC but is changed.

I want the people who are in my town to know about Japanese gel and my nail designs. I’m getting ready to launch my business now!

SS: Well the people of Australia are lucky to have you because we miss you here in the states!

Kimi: I miss my clients in NYC very much too!

SS: We hope to see you stateside soon, Kimi but we suppose it’s okay to spread your artistry far and wide and we wish you all the success on your journey and we will be watching!

Kimi can be found on IG and booked for appointments in the Gold Coast of Australia at the following: @kimi_nails_aus. You can also see her work at the following: @kimi_nails_nyc and get inspired!

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