Skin Care Tips For Transitioning From Summer To Fall


How lucky are we to have a skin care expert in our lives to guide us through the seasons with all things skin related. At September Set, our friends are your friends and we want to extend all the gems we’ve learned from having such a knowledgeable friend in our corner.

Nora Piroglu, owner of DC based eco-beauty boutique, Native Beauty , is all about Skintegrity,” skin care that is good for you from the inside out. With nearly 20 years of experience as an aesthetician and skin care expert, we wanted to hone in on all issues and the dos and don’ts related to skin during the transition from Summer to Fall. 

First order of skin business: Sun damage and how to treat your fading tan


  • Shower with cooler, luke warm water

  • Know if your water is hard (harsh) or soft (gentle)

  • When skin begins to peel, implement a light exfoliation with a sugar scrub versus salt scrub to keep moisture in as salt draws needed moisture out of the skin

  • Use enough moisturizer appropriate for your skin type

  • Make sure your skincare routine is a priority


  • Don’t take excessively hot showers

  • No over exposure to the sun

  • No excess use of oils on the face

  • No harsh cleansers

  • Don’t skimp on the moisturizer

Tips for travel


  • Stay hydrated! Throw a water bottle in your bag when out and about to ensure water intake

  • Apply more moisturizer before and during a flight

* If sun exposure is minimal, an SPF 20 to 50 is sufficient


  • Slow your role on the alcohol; it’s dehydrating

  • Don’t skip the complementary water on the plane!

  • Don’t leave home without your moisturizer

Skin Mantra to live by: If your current products and routine work well for you, you don’t have to switch up. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, says Piroglu. However, if you have been putting skin care needs on the back burner, consider seeing a certified professional to appropriately treat and sculpt a routine that will work best for you. Never forget the importance of your skin, “treat it like an organ”.

When choosing an aesthetician:


  • Get referrals from trusted friends

  • Gauge how comfortable you feel in the space and with the practitioner

  • Trust your instinct when you feel uncomfortable

  • Communicate any level of discomfort with your practitioner, as well as, your expectations

  • Approach the experience like you would at a doctor’s appointment; your skin is a major body part


  • Don’t feel shy when speaking with your practitioner. The more they know, the more beneficial the experience will be.

  • Don’t ignore your skin. Your skin will speak even when you don’t; pay attention to any irregularities you notice. It’s okay to admit when it’s something you can’t handle and need the help of a professional.

  • Don’t forget to treat yourself; get facials regularly (at least quarterly). Your skin will thank you for it, now and later.