Astrological Forecast for Fall


As September Set contemplates the journey we all walk in life, we acknowledge the various stages that are illustrated in a series of cycles and patterns. Such patterns may also be seen in the four annual phases we call Seasons. With this understanding, we consult with Nana C (aka Cherryl Neill Humphreys; astrologer and numerologer in the DC area) to further discuss this concept. We have to admit that we are “affected, impacted and given the opportunity to apply the time and message of the Season to walk our own inner, spiritual journey”, says Nana C. September Set is happy to share Nana C’s insight on the Seasons and provide an astrological forecast for your consideration as you maneuver through your own journey.

Nana C explains that, Mother Nature divides the year into fourths (4 Seasons) each with its own timing and purpose:

Winter, 12.22, is about endings and death, the perfect time to go within, into the silence and 'receive' the messages sent to us.

Spring, 3.22, is about birth and rebirth, the perfect time to bloom and blossom and experience new growth.

Summer, 6.22, is about enjoying the abundance and savor the sweets of the fruits of our labor.

Autumn, 9.22, is about recognizing the harvest and deciding what to do with it all, whether to keep, share, conserve, preserve, store up for the Winter.

As we transition into Fall, the Equinox (time when the sun crosses the equator, with length of day and night being equal) marks the beginning of the Season. The upcoming Autumnal Equinox lands on Saturday, September 22, 2018.  This Equinox is perfectly aligned with The Great Mer of Khufu (whom is attributed to building ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid at Giza), shares Nana C.

Big Picture: We are living in a time of great change, transformation, evolution, revolution; a powerful time of endings and new beginnings.

  •  the end of a Great Year, a length of 25k+ years

  •  the time of a 6k year pole shift

  •  the end of the Pisces Age and ushering in of the Aquarian Age.

  • Saturn is conjunct with the Galactic Center at 26 Sagittarius.

Together, we are birthing a new reality. And, here's something else you need to know. We agreed to be here now, to actively participate in this revolutionary evolution.  With this, we often ask ourselves questions like, What role am I playing? What do I really want to be and do?

Nana C’s advice is to “connect with the reason for each Season, both outside and inside. Just being aware of what time it is, is a good start to consciously choose to align yourself and your life with The Great Above”, says Nana C.

In sum, Nana C reminds us to relax, enjoy and deep breathe as we experience our personal journeys. Ultimately, we should practice being here now, in the present because it is such a valuable gift.

*Cherryl Neill Humphreys, aka Nana C, is a 5th generation Native Washingtonian. DC's own 'hidden figure,' she is an educator, educated in DCPS, GWU, ARE and the Smithsonian. Reach her by phone at 202.827.8871 or