Skincare Tips for Winter


Skin feeling dry? Having to apply your lotion and face moisturizer a few times a day? September Set’s resident esthetician, Nora of Native Beauty, has got you covered for Winter!

Maintaining healthy skin is a lifestyle that involves everyday care no matter the season. But different seasons pose different challenges. As some of us are experiencing the coldest months now, we have to switch up our skincare routines to combat the cold air and lack of moisture, inside and out. Nora takes us from night to day with the best tips to keep our skin looking luminous all Winter long.

Nighttime skincare tips:

·      Using a humidifier nightly helps prevent that not so dry feeling skin

·      Check your sheets! 400-thread count, and higher bed sheets help prevent dry skin and other skin issues. Lower thread count sheets or lower quality fabrics tend to remove moisture from skin.

·      Lower your thermostat to prevent drying

·      Sleeping masks are great to lock in moisture overnight. We recommend the brands, Laneige Sleeping Mask and Sage Intensive Moisturizer.

·      Silk pillow cases are great to maintain moisture

·      To keep your lips kissable and not chapped, when removing lipstick at night, be sure to use a moisturizing remover and then apply vitamin E oil for a nourishing lip mask.

Daytime skincare tips:

·      Drinking plenty of water is essential

·      Resist taking too hot showers or baths as they dry’s the skin out

·      After showering or bathing, apply lotion or body oil when the skin is still damp to lock in moisture

·      Don’t forget to moisturize the entire body, including your neck, hands and feet!

·      Body butters, like shea butter, are great to apply to the heels, elbows and knees. We love Eu’Genia Shea.

·      Schedule your facial at least quarterly

·      Pure rose hip oil is a great facial moisturizer that helps with firmness and healing

·      Don’t forget the sun screen

Nora reminds us that great skin comes from the inside out. Hydration, a healthy diet and a healthy and consistent skincare routine make all the difference year-round.