Springing Into Shape


With the warm weather upon us, the urge to get in shape for vacations to the beach is real. Here at September Set, we champion not only seasonal exercise to reach a goal but exercise to improve your lifestyle year round. It’s not enough to get in great shape to show off your bikini, only to fall out of shape when the warm weather is gone. Health is wealth and investing in your health, just as you invest your money, is key to prosperity.

As a full-time mom, I enlist family and child care providers when I need to and it turns out, one of my go-to child care happens to also be a personal trainer in addition to being great with my kids! Maya Albert is that person and we recently met with her to talk, not only about fitness, but to also work out. I work out with Maya two times a week and the difference is noticeable in my energy level and tone. She’s always introducing me to new exercises in the areas of yoga, Pilates, and strength training so I am never bored and lets me go at my own pace. All great qualities of an amazing personal trainer. After reading these tips and checking out the pics of our workout session, we hope you will feel the same and book a session!

SS: Maya, what do you see in terms of people and fitness at this time of the year?

Maya: A lot of people start a new fitness routine in January but drop off as the year moves on. I encourage people not to focus on the timing but to make a choice and start as soon as you can.

SS: So getting fit should be a priority versus a fad or seasonal goal, right?

Maya: You should pursue health for the right reasons and then you will feel good and not focus on an image that you want to look like. It has to be beyond a summer goal and when you find that rhythm, you won’t want to go back to a sedentary lifestyle.

SS: What are things women can do to get in shape that don’t necessarily have to involve a personal trainer or going to the gym if money and/or time are concerns?

Maya: If you make an effort to move during your day (if you have a desk job, for example), then that is beneficial. If you have a job where you move a lot daily then you are probably in better shape than you think. 

SS: Do you see a trend in what women are looking for in a workout?

Maya: Being Black with curves is a positive image now and many women are looking to get an hourglass figure and bigger bottoms.

SS: It’s definitely a change from the past when traditionally Black body types were frowned upon in American society.  Are these figures attainable though?

Maya: It depends on your body type and what type of exercises you do.

SS: When looking for a trainer, what should you ask about?

Maya: Ask about their background. Most trainers have a sports background so asking what sport they play can benefit your workout.

SS: What inspires your work with kids?

Maya: As a certified kids fitness trainer and teacher, I work with kids daily and I offer kids yoga to give them an outlet for their emotions, while moving their bodies. Emotional help for kids is important and yoga helps with this.

SS: What is the lesson readers can take about living a healthy life for themselves and their families?

Maya: Do what makes you feel good if you want to live a long time.

Maya can be reached via email at ellawellnessllc@gmail.com and Instagram, @coachmayataughtyou