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“For so long, I cared about what others think,” says Kacey (of DC band Black Alley) with candor as we chatted over dinner in a DC hotspot. A discussion sparked by Black Alley’s latest album, Dirty Laundry, took us beyond to a place that involved reflection and introspection. The reality is that discussing the album required a look at her own personal evolution. As she speaks to her closeness with the first track, Be Me, on Dirty Laundry, she shares her journey of self-discovery.  “I recently discovered me and what I want,” confesses Kacey. Her lyrics in Be Me speaks to her growth; not to mention the true to life vivid illustration in the vibrant cinematic music video. Here you see a timid Kacey gradually warm-up to a grand and climatic experience, ultimately, giving the best performance.

While her journey included being on stage since the age of 5 years, it wasn’t until Kacey joined the Black Alley family (around 10 years ago) that she recognized herself as a vocalist. We were amazed to find out that she hadn’t been in heavy pursuit of something that appears to be so natural to her. Truth be told, Kacey energizes the stage with her voice and spirit in a way that is unmatched by many. It is difficult to imagine her doing anything else. Becoming Black Alley’s band leader, gave Kacey the opportunity to highlight her natural gifts as well as experience a fluid creative process that involves positive relationships. “We feed off each other,” says Kacey when describing Black Alley’s creative process. A “do and see what happens” type of creative process that embraces their cultural roots and artistic freedom. A freedom not only seen in their artistic endeavors but also through the band’s community advocacy and support (ie. Scholarship fund, fundraisers and collaborations).

Things often come full circle. While experiencing many electrifying moments with the band, her most memorable would include Black Alley’s winning performance at Paisley Park. There is nothing like honoring the spirit of an icon like Prince while being your authentic self. With performances like Be Me, Kacey is fulfilled in knowing that she can unapologetically be herself, as well as receive appreciation from fans and friends. Kacey hopes to inspire as she aims to be true to herself, and ultimately share her gifts. “Go for it! Don’t be afraid to fall …and take chances,” says Kacey as she shares advise for rising artists. “I wish I had realized that a lot earlier.”

September Set applauds Kacey for being fearless and generous with her talent and spirit. The journey to finding yourself is no small task. It is far from instantaneous and involves a level of clarity and courage that strengthens throughout life’s journey. A warm-up or gradual start is often needed in many great performances. We are grateful to Kacey for providing the transparency that reminds us that this is ok. There is nothing wrong with moving at your own pace to find greatness. Just do your best to get there and fulfill your own potential. Cheers to Kacey for illustrating that it’s possible!

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