Panamá: The Country of Contrast


For us, September babies, the holidays begin in the Fall. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our birth month than in a place that offers so much, adventure, nightlife, art, culture, as well as the comfort of home. In the birth country of our dear mother and aunt, we find beautiful beaches, tropical rain forests, cosmopolitan city life, and historic wonders that are both affordable and easily accessible. Often referred to as the Country of Contrast, due in part to geographical diversity in close proximities, Panamá is at the top of our list for destination favorites.  In our travel series, September Set looks forward to featuring the beauty of Panamá, in addition to sharing the connection in what feels like our home away from home. With that said, we introduce you to the Country of Contrast.,

Panamá City

Full of skyscrapers, modern malls, luxurious hotels, quaint neighborhoods, fabulous restaurants, and nightclubs, as well as great museums, there’s no shortage of things to do in Panamá City.


Casco Viejo- The Old City

Beautiful venues with picturesque rooftops fill the old city. Reminiscent of a place that pre-dates the 1600’s, Casco Viejo was the first town established on the Pacific Coast of the Americas. A cultural hub during the day and a lively nightlife when the sun sets, Casco Viejo is a must see.



Cerro Azul- The Rainforest

The fountain of youth is closer than you think. Mineral rich Chagres River and the Chagres National Park is a short drive from Panamá City, where you’ll be transported to another world. Here we learned the difference between rainforests and cloud forests; a cloud forest is at a higher elevation and has a slightly cooler but humid climate in comparison to a rainforest. We recommend not just a day trip. Beautiful houses are available for rent where you will be surrounded by luscious greenery with wildlife only seen in Panamá. Trails are all around you to explore. This is just one example of a number of rainforests in the country that are worth the trip.

The Beach

Surrounded by two oceans, the Pacific and Atlantic, there’s no scarcity to the access you can have to beautiful beaches and water activities. From surfing to snorkeling to walking along a black sand beach, Panamá has it all! One can find accommodations that range from lux to rustic, to fit a variety of vacation preferences.


Mountains & Valleys

From eco-tourism to reggae festivals, there is no limit on an adventure and outdoor activity. El Valle de Anton, a town located in a beautiful valley and home to the world’s largest inhabited volcano (inactive) crater, is one of many mountainous areas in the country that are must-sees.