New Moon In Libra


First of all, each lunation (28-day trip of the Moon from New to Full to next New Moon) provides a golden opportunity to align yourself with and take full advantage of the power and flow of the Universe/Cosmos/Mother Nature.  The New Moon is ideal for launching a new activity, project, change, especially in the area of life where the Moon occurs in your astrological chart.  At the Full Moon, you begin to see the results of your efforts, until the next New Moon.

The October New Moon at 5 Libra occurred on the 8th.  It ushered in the energy of balance, harmony, beauty, values and relationships.  Three days before, Venus, the ruler of Libra, went retrograde (appearing to be moving backwards from Earth's perspective).  Retrograde periods signal a time to go within and to revisit, research and review your thinking, beliefs and programs around the activities indicated by the planet.

This month is calling us to be true to and to take good care of ourselves, while we pay attention to others, respecting and seeing them as they are, not as we imagine or even want them to be, as well as where we may be projecting our shadow onto them.  Some relationships may need to be adjusted, others released, as the period continues and/or once Venus goes direct on November 16th.

Set new intentions with your values (what really matters to you) and with achieving peace, harmony, cooperation and operating as a partner or part of a team.  Personal integrity is key, as the veils are lifted and the real truth is revealed.

Remember:  Peace cannot be achieved from the outside, only by transforming ourselves from within, being/becoming our ideals and therefore, attracting what we really want.

By Cherryl Neill Humphreys, aka Nana C. Reach her by phone at 202.827.8871 or