Nail Care Tips With Indigo Makong


“Your nails are jewels, not tools,” says Indigo Makong, nail stylist that we love at September Set. We can attest to her nail artistry and care as longtime clients, which is why we are rounding out our beauty edit with tips on how to transition your nails from Summer to Fall.

Indigo says the summer months are actually great for the health of your nails. The temperature is warm, humid and great for sun exposure, which can help with nail growth.

September Set:  Moving into Fall, what can we do to continue that nail health and growth as the weather gets chilly?

Indigo:  Massage a natural oil blend into the cuticles to remedy dry skin and hangnails and then layer on lotion or hand cream. Adding a cuticle oil or after shower body oil is ideal to lock in moisture.

IndigoHeadshot (1).jpg

September Set: How often should we visit the nail salon for a manicure/pedicure during the colder months or in a colder climate?

Indigo:  Professionally, I would advise manicures bi-weekly and pedicures monthly. Professional service frequency is a lifestyle choice.

SS:  And what colors are you loving for the Fall?

Indigo:  I am seeing warm, rich tones from reds, golds, oranges, and browns. Think when fall meets a fire in the desert.

SS: Lovely! So how do you choose what types of nail art you apply to your client's nails when they come in for a manicure?

Indigo: By nature, I am an abstract artist. When adding an artistic flair to a nail, I like to use my clients’ personality as a benchmark of what technique or trend I will use.

SS: That’s key to your success. What can you advise readers on how to choose their nail technician/nail salon?

Indigo:   I believe that any person you chose to care for your body should be researched in the same way as you chose your health care professional.  Ask questions such as:

  • Are they licensed?

  • How many years of experience do they have?

  • Get referrals

SS: For our readers who get all types of nail treatment, from regular manicure to gel polish or other synthetic treatments, how do you recommend they care for their nails between visits to the nail salon?


Indigo: I do recommend corrective breaks for your nails. If you are wearing gel polish and peel it off instead of having it properly removed.....suspend gel polish manicures and schedule corrective sessions.

Buff and scrub nails in-between visits. Dry buff the back of your heels or callused areas of your feet before your bath or shower. You can also exfoliate both your hands and feet with a salt or sugar scrub once a week. This helps to eliminate dead skin cells and makes way to receive your moisturizers.

SS: It’s not just about having a beautiful color or design to adorn your nails and feet and the outer care you just spoke to. Beautiful nails start from the inside. How can our diet affect the health of our nails?

Indigo: Your diet plays an integral role in the condition of your nails. Sometimes your nails will show vitamin deficiencies. Personally, I recommend having a blood work up to see which levels are low and work toward balancing your vitamin/mineral levels for healthy nails.

SS: Thank you Indigo for these great tips, not just as we transition into Fall but all year round.