Tips for Fall Hair


“Your hair should speak even when you don’t want to” 

“Beauty is truth, Truth beauty,” (J. Keats), a poetic line which defines September Set’s multifaceted approach to beauty. In a recent talk about Fall hair with our good friend and master hair stylist, Ashleigh Taylor (owner of Taylor & York salon), it is apparent that we are on the same page as she emphasizes “healthy hair is good hair.” Her approach to hair focuses on her clients’ essence, lifestyle and identity as it pertains to supporting the health and styling of their hair.  “Your hair should speak even when you don’t want to,” says Taylor, illustrating one of her hair mantras that spoke to us. Providing valuable hair tips to address hair needs with the start of Fall, we are excited to assist you with the seasonal transition.

Hydration is the theme when transitioning to Fall, as we have discussed with skin and nails, and hair is no different. Taylor promotes the importance of treatments that promote hydration, such as steams and hair masks on a more frequent basis as the temperatures turn colder. Please try to resist over greasing your hair (there is such thing as too much hair oil), Taylor says and be aware of the excessive use of heat, i.e. daily use of blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons. Less is more in both regards to retaining the hairs moisture.

What goes better with a great head of healthy moisturized hair than a great color and cut for the new season? Should you choose a color, Taylor recommends the following:

  • Schedule a consultation with your stylist and discuss what treatments and care might be needed before the actual first color application

  • Transparency about expectations on both sides is essential

  • Be ready for the process. Results are not always instantaneous and plan ahead in terms of timing for your appointments. The coloring process can take hours so include a good read in your handbag and have September Set ready on your browser.


Taylor is loving warmer tones in the brunette family for Fall. She masterfully creates dimensions through color that highlight the best attributes of her clients. And when cutting hair, the same approach applies. When asked about trends she’s favoring for fall, Taylor says voluminous fronts, inverted and classic bobs, choppy bangs, and shoulder-length hair.

So, you have the color and cut you desire for Fall. Now, how do you choose the stylist? Taylor shares the following tips:

  • Recommendations are great

  • Choose the same way you would a crystal, you’re drawn to it; it just feels right

  • Trial and error

  • Make sure you feel comfortable

Thorough consultations are recommended. Write down all thoughts when it comes to your hair and bring this to the consultation and communicate your expectations. There is no wrong answer.

Having a confident stylist who values the importance of self-identity and positive relationships with clients will take you one step further in looking and feeling good. In essence, “Hair Joy. A feeling of euphoria from the root to the ends.” (Taylor & York Salon, 2018)